Conditional Payment Services

When an injured individual is a Medicare beneficiary, there is the potential that Medicare has made medical payments related to the claim. Any past payments made by Medicare upon the condition that they would be reimbursed at the time of settlement, judgment, or award must be taken into consideration when determining the final settlement.

Our team of professionals has the tools to achieve successful and significant Medicare Reimbursement Resolutions. We carefully assess the conditional payment status of a Medicare beneficiary and work closely with the Medicare Secondary Payer Recovery Contractors (MSPRC) to obtain lien information and submit effective conditional payment resolution proposals.

Our proactive approach to conditional payments ensures that Medicare’s interest is taken into account but also that there are no payments reimbursed that were not part of the claim. The WellComp Conditional Payment Program has served our clients well; as evidenced by reduction in conditional payments by as much as 92%.