MSP Compliance


WellComp has mastered the art of balancing Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance and our clients’ actual medical exposure on a claim.

Unlike many companies that delay consideration of Medicare’s interest until claim closure when a decision must be made quickly, WellComp begins analyzing claim information much earlier in the process. This “life of the claim” approach coupled with our cutting edge technology allows us to identify claims with potential Medicare beneficiaries early. We then consult with our client, the adjuster and Medicare to fully understand all parties’ view of the claim. 

Our strategy affords us the ability to analyze the claim for any elements related to Medicare compliance and bring clarity to our clients’ responsibility for same. At the time of  settlement, we can ensure both compliance and that our client does not reimburse Medicare for more than is actually owed. On average, WellComp is able to reduce our client’s Conditional Payment Medicare Reimbursements by 80%.

WellComp’s team includes registered nurses with MSCC and CMSP certifications who thoroughly understand not only Medicare Set Aside analysis but how to manage claims with Medicare components. Couple that with our full spectrum of services and you have a solution that supports cost containment while maintaining Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) compliance.

Client Education
WellComp is your solution for education on sound and reasonable Medicare Secondary Payer compliance. We provide complementary webinars or onsite training for clients and adjusters to ensure that all parties involved in Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance have a thorough, working knowledge of what is involved, what their role is, and how, as a team, we can achieve the best results for the client.

Ancillary Services
WellComp’s Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance also offers the following services to our clients:

  • Social Security Disability Eligibility Verifications
  • Medicare Eligibility Verifications
  • Rated Age Evaluations
  • Conditional Payment Services
  • Professional Administration Coordination
  • Structured Settlement Coordination
  • Final Settlement Document Coordination/Submission