Nurse Triage

Workers’ injuries can run the gamut from minor to critical. In many cases, the injured worker needs immediate medical attention and in other cases self-treatment may be the best course of action.

WellComp’s Nurse Hotline provides access to our Nurse Triage services that can help injured workers and their supervisors determine the best course of action after an injury and assist in coordinating the initial treatment with an appropriate facility if needed.

Our registered nurses are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Using their expert knowledge of workers’ compensation injuries and medical triage guidelines developed and overseen by physicians, they will quickly and accurately assess the injuries of a worker and develop a care plan that ensures that your employee gets the right care at the right time from the right provider.

The right provider is important because not all physicians are experienced in treating workplace injuries. Last, our nurses will partner with the employer to create return-to-work options for the injured worker.

Our Nurses will:

  • Evaluate the urgency of the situation
  • Assess signs and symptoms
  • Provide immediate treatment information
  • Record injury information and medical history
  • Assess treatment options using telephonic triage guidelines
  • Provide self-care information when appropriate and follow up the next day
  • Identify nearest network providers
  • Coordinate referral to provider, if treatment is necessary
  • Provide initial return-to-work coaching
  • Provide client specific network information
  • Complete and distribute Injury Report to client contacts
  • Complete and distribute provider report to referral provider

In addition to the benefits of quickly connecting injured employees with appropriate treatment, Nurse Triage offers multiple benefits for employers:

  • Immediate access to a clinical professional at the time of the injury to reduce employee’s concern regarding their injury
  • Increased use of PPO networks and pre-screened provider locations to help ensure appropriate treatment and to help manage costs
  • Decreased use of emergency room for non-emergent treatment
  • Improve consistency and completeness of reporting information through the use of our injury care reports
  • Reduced reporting lag times, which can lower claims costs by as much as 47%
  • Effective client communication with an injury report sent within minutes of call completion
  • Provider coordination with a referral report sent within minutes of call completion

Most importantly, studies show that Nurse Triage services offer a 2.5x to 3.5x return on investment.

Our Nurse Triage services can be customized to blend seamlessly with other case management and managed care solutions you utilize. We can:

  • Incorporate client-directed case management triggers into our screening protocols
  • Facilitate allocation of the cost to the claim file
  • Automate notes and attachment loads to ensure access to all relevant information

Offering Nurse Triage to your employees is easy. We will coordinate the implementation program for you and provide training regarding the program. WellComp Nurse Hotline posters, wallet cards and phone stickers with our toll-free Nurse Hotline number are provided to help you promote and implement the program throughout your organization. Additionally, we offer training videos and webinars to help your staff better understand the use of the program.