Alternative RTW

When the traditional Return to Work process cannot accomodate the injured employees needs, we can help you develop an alternative return to work solution.

Both injured workers and employers benefit from early return to work as soon as there has been a release to full or modified duty. However, employers are not always able to accommodate the temporary physical restrictions placed on some employees. WellComp offers a solution to employers by placing these workers in alternate positions at volunteer and non-profit organizations where the employee remains engaged in day to day productivity. 

Alternative RTW benefits include:

  • Employee remains engaged in day to day activities
  • Quicker recoveries from temporary restrictions and faster return to full duty
  • Flexible program parameters to limit the Alternate RTW program to 30, 60 or 90 day programs
  • Monitoring by case managers to assure the placement is a good “fit” and that the worker is progressing to full duty
  • Employee retains full wages and benefits from employer

WellComp works with various non-profit and some for-profit agencies such as hospice facilities who accept volunteers in their programs. The case manager will place the injured worker in a position that is suitable for the restrictions. An initial meeting with the worker, the organization accepting the placement and the case manager is important to establish the expectations of the injured workers. Workers complete specified duties during set hours and turn in a weekly time card to their case manager and/or employer.

The program provides an excellent source for alternate job placements for injured workers unable to return to full duty. By keeping employees engaged in productive day to day activities, the Alternate RTW program helps injured workers recover physically from injuries while preventing a disability mindset.