Why Choose WellComp

A truly effective managed care solution is one that delivers the right results for our clients and their injured workers.

WellComp does exactly that by offering a comprehensive array of managed care services that can help you manage costs while still providing high quality care. WellComp’s services include:

  • Nurse Triage that guides injured workers to the right course of treatment from the start
  • National and Specialty PPO Networks that offer negotiated discounts and fast access to doctors that understand workers’ compensation injuries and treatment
  • Diagnostic Network and Scheduling Services for fast access to accurate diagnostic tests and test results
  • Telephonic and Field-based Case Management to guide the injured worker through the process of dealing with multiple doctors, tests and treatments for better outcomes
  • Certified Networks and Managed Health Plans to meet the state specific needs of our clients and their employees
  • Pharmacy Benefit Management Services that manage costs while making it easy for injured workers to obtain prescriptions they need
  • Utilization Review Services that ensure that injured workers are receiving appropriate care
  • Medical Bill Review Services to ensure that savings are quickly identified and realized
  • Return To Work Programs that help you get your employees back to productivity as soon as possible and reduce indemnity costs
  • Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance Services that balance compliance and our clients’ actual medical exposure on a claim

Whether you are using one of our services on a stand-alone basis or taking advantage of the savings and efficiencies available with an integrated package of multiple services, WellComp is committed to designing the managed care solution that works for you and delivers the maximum benefit.

That means we’ll work not only from industry and our own best practices but we will include your guidelines and specifications as well.